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Mediacrypt.CRM v5.3.2.0

Mediacrypt CRM is built with ASP.NET - an awesome web-development framework created by Microsoft. The CRM application is programmed in C#, which, according to Stackoverflow stats, is the most popular programming language on the planet.

Even if you don't plan modifying the CRM app, ASP.NET is still the best choice if you're running on Windows platform. It is fast, scalable and reliable. Our ASP.NET CRM will easily integrates with your Active Directory catalog and uses Microsoft SQL Server to store the data.

Mediacrypt CRM is ideal for "project-based" companies and small businesses. Whether you're a wedding-planner, a graphic design studio, a web-site developer or a consultant - it will perfectly fit your needs. Our CRM is "project-oriented".


Target: .NET 4.5 - Version: (released on March 30, 2016)

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