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Mediacrypt.SQLcryptoNxt.Symmetric v2016.1

Mediacrypt SQLcryptoNxt Cryptography Library provides a simple wrapper around the .NET cryptography classes.


Target: .NET 4.5 - Version: 2016.1.210.45 (released on February 10, 2016)

save Mediacrypt.SQLcryptoNxt.Symmetric, Supported Providers: AES, DES, RC2, Rijndael, TripleDES (Dynamic Link Library, DLL)

save Mediacrypt.SQLcryptoNxt.Symmetric.AES.Tester, Provider: AES v2016.1.210.45 Required (Console)

save Mediacrypt.SQLcryptoNxt.Symmetric.AES.Tester, Provider: AES, Console output

Deprecated Versions

Target: .NET 4.5 - Version: 2016.1.129.45 (released on 2016.01.29)

save Mediacrypt.SQLcryptoNxt.Symmetric, Supported Providers: DES, RC2, Rijndael, TripleDES (Dynamic Link Library, DLL)

save Mediacrypt.SQLcryptoNxt.Symmetric.DES.Tester, Provider: DES (Console)

save Mediacrypt.SQLcryptoNxt.Symmetric.DES.Tester, Provider: DES, Console output

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