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What makes Mediacrypt Digital Experience so special?

  • Securing Our Cyberspace with Post-quantum cryptography

    Post-quantum cryptography

    Post-quantum cryptography refers to cryptographic algorithms (usually public-key algorithms) that are thought to be secure against an attack by a quantum computer. This is not true of the most popular public-key algorithms which can be efficiently broken by a sufficiently large quantum computer. The problem with the currently popular algorithms is that their security relies on one of three hard mathematical problems: the integer factorization problem, the discrete logarithm problem or the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem. All of these problems can be easily solved on a sufficiently large quantum computer.

    Even though current, publicly known, experimental quantum computers are too small to attack any real cryptographic algorithm, many cryptographers are designing new algorithms to prepare for a time when quantum computing becomes a threat.

    In contrast to the threat quantum computing poses to current public key algorithms, most current symmetric cryptographic algorithms (symmetric ciphers and hash functions) are considered to be relatively secure from attacks by quantum computers. While the quantum Grover's algorithm does speed up attacks against symmetric ciphers, doubling the key size can effectively block these attacks. Thus post-quantum symmetric cryptography does not need to differ significantly from current symmetric cryptography.


    A limitless cyberspace, zero boundaries and eroding national borders is just the beginning of cyber threats. It is clear that it now represents one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation. Mediacrypt CyberSecurity aims to realise the democratic possibilities of this new technology. We are committed to providing cyber security information, best practices, training and awareness programmes to provide you with the ability to act sooner, to predict and prevent.

    What Does Mediacrypt CyberSecurity Do?

    In essence, the role of Mediacrypt CyberSecurity is to provide specialised cyber security services contributing immensely towards a bigger objective in preventing or minimising disruptions to critical information infrastructure in order to protect the public, the economy, and government services. Mediacrypt CyberSecurity provides on-demand access to a wide variety of resources to maintain in-house security expertise, as well as access to advanced tools and education to assist in proactive or forensic investigations.

    Mediacrypt CyberSecurity provides specialised cyber security services, as follows:
    - Cyber Security Emergency Services;
    - Security Quality Management Services;
    - InfoSecurity Professional Development and Outreach;
    - Cyber Security Strategic Engagement and Research.

      Securing Our Cyberspace
    Securing Our Cyberspace
  • Mediacrypt Digital Experience Cloud puts your business where your customer experiences take place: in the cloud

    Digital Experience Cloud platform

    Mediacrypt Digital Experience Cloud platform for creating, managing, and optimizing digital experiences including powerful content management, digital commerce, and enterprise search functionality.

    Includes Digital Marketing, Web Content Management, and Digital Commerce, all within Mediacrypt end-to-end Cloud Platform

    Digital Experience Hub

    Connectivity to digital ecosystem components such as Marketing Automation, CRM and Analytics – systems critical for multi-channel experiences.

    Mediacrypt Add-on Store with an extensive selection of verified third-party connectors and extensions.

    Cloud delivery

    Puts platform and content closer to your customers, cloud processing power available in all regions around the world and content delivered from the edge of the network for optimal performance (CDN).

    Robust and streamlined managed deployment process, with development, testing and authoring environments in the cloud (applies to Group, Corporate and Enterprise levels).

    Application level SLA

    Service level for page availability instead of infrastructure components, backed by 24x7x365 managed service.

    Expert global support proactively monitors service performance and solves issues before they become problems.

      Make delivering great digital experiences look easy.
    Make delivering great digital experiences look easy.
  • The best digital experience is a consistent one

    Simplify the creation, management, and deployment of your content and assets across sites, mobile apps, and more.

    Manage your sites with ease. Quickly create and deliver relevant web and mobile experiences, easing the demands on IT.

    Mobile content management. As you integrate mobile into your marketing efforts, ensure that the experience is ideal on every device.

    Commerce. Deliver immersive, personalized shopping experiences that incorporate video, social, and other dynamic media.

    Marketing campaign management. Organize, launch, and optimize campaigns across digital channels from one place.

    Multisite management. Manage multiple web and mobile sites centrally, and automate translation workflows.

      The best digital experience is a consistent one.
    The best digital experience is a consistent one.
  • All of your assets in one place

    Easily manage images, videos, and other assets across every digital channel to deliver better customer experiences.

    Dynamic media. Work with a single set of master assets and serve unlimited variations, including size, color, format, resolution, and crop.

    Video. Create, manage, and deliver interactive video. Make it available to all screens and devices with a single URL.

    Personalized media. Test and preview content variations on your sites to deliver experiences tailored to individual customers. Help customers personalize product options before they buy.

    Advanced search and metadata. Automatically assign metadata to assets, and instantly create shareable assets based on search attributes.

    Project and workflow management. Plan, review, and approve the production of marketing assets using project templates and simple workflow tools.

      All of your assets in one place.
    All of your assets in one place.
  • Managed Services with end-to-end advantages

    Managed Services offerings. Store your assets in the cloud with Mediacrypt as your single partner for hosting, security, and support.

    Flexible system configurations. Use a cloud platform and automated infrastructure to set up and manage, based on your needs.

    Full-service system management. We’ll assign a dedicated Customer Success engineer to your account and provide 24/7 monitoring through our Network Operations Center.

    State-of-the-art application security. Like you, we have much at stake when it comes to security. We employ industry best practices, firewalls, and backup systems for your peace of mind.

    Easy change management. Maintain the stability of your application with a step-by-step process for responding to emerging issues while providing flexibility for those who need continuous integration (CI).

      Managed Services with end-to-end advantages.
    Managed Services with end-to-end advantages.
  • Our cloud thinking process creates unlimited possibilities

    Cloud is good for your business.

    When you come up into the cloud, you are better able to:

    - Manage complexity from various channels;
    - Implement marketing automation solutions;
    - Manage the shift from the traditional marketing funnel;
    - Handle mobile adoption.

    Cloud is good for your customers.

    With systems in the cloud you are better able to serve your customers and:

    - Giving them control of their experiences;
    - Personalizing their services;
    - Keeping up with their changing purchasing behavior;
    - Focusing more on the entire customer lifecycle.

      Our cloud thinking process creates unlimited possibilities
    Our cloud thinking process creates unlimited possibilities