• Make delivering great digital experiences look easy.

    It’s a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms. And it makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets.

    Build lifetime value. Deliver digital experiences over the lifetime of your customer that build brand loyalty and drive demand.

    Be consistent across channels. Deliver amazing content across websites and mobile, as well as on-site screens.

    Get timely and personal. Deliver and manage experiences that are responsive, relevant, and social. Place the customer at the center of every interaction.

    Quickly develop and deploy engaging customer experiences using content and assets from a secure, centralized location.

  • The best digital experience is a consistent one.

    Simplify the creation, management, and deployment of your content and assets across sites, mobile apps, and more.

    Manage your sites with ease. Quickly create and deliver relevant web and mobile experiences, easing the demands on IT.
    Mobile content management. As you integrate mobile into your marketing efforts, ensure that the experience is ideal on every device.
    Commerce. Deliver immersive, personalized shopping experiences that incorporate video, social, and other dynamic media.
    Marketing campaign management. Organize, launch, and optimize campaigns across digital channels from one place.
    Multisite management. Manage multiple web and mobile sites centrally, and automate translation workflows.

  • All of your assets in one place.

    Easily manage images, videos, and other assets across every digital channel to deliver better customer experiences.

    Dynamic media. Work with a single set of master assets and serve unlimited variations, including size, color, format, resolution, and crop.
    Video. Create, manage, and deliver interactive video. Make it available to all screens and devices with a single URL.
    Personalized media. Test and preview content variations on your sites to deliver experiences tailored to individual customers. Help customers personalize product options before they buy.
    Advanced search and metadata. Automatically assign metadata to assets, and instantly create shareable assets based on search attributes.
    Project and workflow management. Plan, review, and approve the production of marketing assets using project templates and simple workflow tools.

  • Managed Services with end-to-end advantages.

    Managed Services offerings. Store your assets in the cloud with Mediacrypt as your single partner for hosting, security, and support.

    Flexible system configurations. Use a cloud platform and automated infrastructure to set up and manage, based on your needs.

    Full-service system management. We’ll assign a dedicated Customer Success engineer to your account and provide 24/7 monitoring through our Network Operations Center.

    State-of-the-art application security. Like you, we have much at stake when it comes to security. We employ industry best practices, firewalls, and backup systems for your peace of mind.

    Easy change management. Maintain the stability of your application with a step-by-step process for responding to emerging issues while providing flexibility for those who need continuous integration (CI).

  • Our cloud thinking
    process creates unlimited possibilities

    Come for our expertise. Stay for your results.

    Make best-in-class implementation, cloud platform hosting, and ongoing support part of your investment.

    Reduce time to market. When we help you set up, you’ll be poised to offer ideal experiences to your customers sooner.

    Increase ROI. You’ll shorten your time to market, reduce product costs, and focus more on engaging customers and driving market share.

    Lighten the IT load. Let us relieve your IT staff from day-to-day tactical activities and allow them to better support customers and marketers.

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    Digital experience

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    Is a consistent one

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    Your assets in one place

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    Managed Services

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    Our cloud thinking

Mediacrypt CRM for small businesses v5.3.2.0

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icon Mediacrypt CRM Features at a glance (v5.3.2.0 released on March 30, 2016)

icon Very powerful options built right in

Mediacrypt CRM is ideal for "project-based" companies and small businesses. Our CRM is "project-oriented". Create projects, assign tasks, set deadlines. Group projects by company or contact.

The features you get with our small business CRM:

  • CRM keeps a database of Companies you do business with, Contacts (people from these companies or individuals) and Projects that you run;
  • Message-log that keeps a list of notes, interaction-records, files for every company, contact or project in the CRM system;
  • File-attachments;
  • Upcoming tasks for companies, contacts and projects in the CRM software;
  • Email-integration - send your emails right from the CRM system. And optionally intercept incoming emails and log them in the message-log;
  • Unlimited - we are not priced "per seat" unlike our competitors.
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